The Postal Customer Council® (PCC®) program is a valuable resource for business mailers, large and small. Local PCCs serve as an open channel for USPS-to-business communication, providing information and best practices for cost-effective and profitable mailing, education and training, and solving local challenges. Though most PCC members include large business mailers, government agencies, and business mail service providers, small businesses can benefit from PCC membership, too. Membership in a PCC is completely free of charge. Our local PCCs, the Greater Kanawha Valley PCC located in Charleston, WV. and Southwest Virginia PCC located in Roanoke, VA, meet monthly. Contact information for each PCC is below. You can click on the tab above for the web page for each Appalachian PCC  for detailed information about each PCC.  You may also  receive more information about Postal Customer Council by visiting usps.com/pcc and PostalPro.usps.com.


Greater Kanawha Valley PCC Southwest Virginia PCC Tanya M. Stricklin, USPS Coordinator James Turner, USPS Coordinator Tanya.M.Stricklin@usps.gov James.H.Turner@usps.gov 304-561-1125 540-344-2004 1002 Lee St. East 515 Courtland Road, NE Charleston, WV 25301 Roanoke, VA 24012 WHAT WE DO:Your local PCC offers these benefits...Learn from postal experts about marketing through the mail.Find new sources for mailing lists. Printing, database management, and more.Get discounts to major mailing industry events.Network with other mailers, business mail service providers, and USPS executives to discover new ways to make your mailings more efficient and profitable.Hear first-hand from other decision-makers on how they deal with the same challenges you face.Leverage best practices to improve mailing effectiveness, efficiency, and profitabilityGain knowledge about postal products, services, and tools to improve mail quality through workshops and events—and earn a professional certificate to boot.The Postal Service® offers training opportunities and assistance to anyone who wants to learn more about how using the mail can be a way to achieve cost-effective business growth. Whether you’re a small or large business owner looking for training in direct mail, a mail professional looking for workshops and certification, or you’d like to join the greater community of business mailers, we’re here to help. Connect with a PCC® › There are benefits to connecting with a local Postal Customer Council® (PCC). This nationwide network is a great way to get training, stay on top of mail innovations, and work hand-in-hand with a local Post Office™ to develop more effective, efficient, and profitable mailings. Get PCC Education and Training › PCC Education provides Postal Service™ business customers with information about postal products, services, and tools to help grow their business, as well as improve mail quality. These materials are suitable for all PCC educational events and can be used to create a customized professional certificate program. Get Business Mail Training › Get hands-on experience with business mail functions, mail management, and supervisory techniques in the Executive Mail Center Management Program. Or learn the tools you need for Mail Design Professional certification. Both USPS® employees and business customers nationwide can benefit from these


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